Friday, February 15, 2013

Tough Luck in Louisvillle

The Speedo DirtSlinger pulled at the National Farm Machinery Show Tractor Pull on the opening night (Wednesday).  Hopes were high for the kickoff to 2013, but unfortunately a good pull pull wasn't in the cards. 

The DirtSlinger started down the track strong but it was short-lived.  The rear passenger side engine seemed to give out, and Bill was left with a pull of only 138.00 feet.  It was later discovered that an electrical glitch shut the engine off, so luckily the repairs won't be too costly. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interesting finds

While I was doing some searches for relevant places to link to, I came across these interesting finds...

One of the Gottman Toys 1/16 size DirtSlingers on Ebay

A custom 1/64th size DirtSlinger on Ebay

The real Dirt Challenger may be in the process of being parted out, but you can own a 1/64th version of it for around $20-$30 on Ebay

And how about this blast-from-the-past... a story from 1988 in the Chicago Tribune about the tractor pulls at the Illinois State Fair.  Bill Leischner is heavily quoted in it!

Re-Launch... again!

Okay, so I started slacking off on the updates in '11, and was asleep at the wheel for 2012.  I updated the page/site to reflect the sponsors for 2013, and will try to keep up better this year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pull results from 6/17 & 6/18/2011

The Dirtslinger Pulling Team pulled twice over the weekend - first at the Corn Belt Shrine Truck & Tractor Pull in Charleston, IL on Friday night (6/17) then at the Clinton County Fair Spring Nationals in Wilmington, OH on Saturday (6/18).  Here are the results of the Dirtslinger pulls, as posted on the website:

On Friday night, Bill pulled the Rockstar Dirtslinger a distance of 307.070', which was good for 2nd place in the 7800# class, while Shannon pulled the Dirt Challenger a distance of 266.080', which was good for a 5th place in the class.

On Saturday, Bill pulled the Rockstar Dirtslinger a distance of 354.200', which was good for another 2nd place in their class, while Shannon's pull of 264.420' in Dirt Challenger was good for only a 15th place finish, in a VERY crowded field.

Charleston was not a PPL Points pull, but Wilmington was.  The Lucas Pro Pulling League site doesn't have the points standings updated to reflect Wilmington yet, but if I understand them and calculate them correctly, Dirtslinger moves up from 4th place, to a tie for 2nd place in the points, and Dirt Challenger drops one spot from 5th to 6th.

The next pull listed on the team schedule is at the Tomah, Wisconsin Super National Pull.  The Modified tractors are scheduled to pull on Thursday evening (June 23rd), and again on Friday at Noon.  That pull is a NTPA pull, and does not pay PPL points.  The next PPL-points pull on the schedule is at Henry, IL with the Lucas Oil America's Pull on July 9,2011.